Platinum Marketing Package Explained

40 social media posts created and posted each month

We will create, source and schedule 40 social media pieces of content each month appropriate to your brand, audience and industry. We often ask companies to provide relevant photos if we feel their social media presence could benefit from it, this includes things like product images, team photos etc but your ‘Minder’ will go into more detail with you regarding this on your initial consultation after purchase. Your posts can be spread out across whatever social media platforms you like. However, your ‘Minder’ will often advise you on which platforms they think will be best for your brand.

We also request you to keep us up to date with any offers, competitions and changes to branding/pricing so we can utilise this within your social media content strategy. ‘Minders’ are there to suit your companies best interests so if you have any requests or ideas for specific content we will always try to oblige you.

Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to help improve your Google rankings

We will run advanced content audits and competitor analysis for your site. Produce ideas to improve your websites content to help with your ranking. Optimise your pages titles, tags & meta descriptions as well as remove any duplicate content or issues which might be leading to your site being penalised by Google & other search engines.

Just to note, SEO is a long term game. Results very rarely occur overnight and it usually takes at least 4 to 6 months to see any sort of results. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misleading you.

Monthly website analysis (site speed, website crawl/issues, traffic etc)

We will monitor your site speed, loading times and traffic and report back to you any thoughts, findings or issues we have and how to improve them.

Optimum social media posting times identified

We will use proven testing methods and analysis to discover your optimum social media posting times on different social media platforms. This will include when your audience is online, when they are likely to engage and what type of content they respond to the most.

Monthly marketing and strategy consultation with one of our experts

You will have a monthly video consultation with your ‘Minder’ to discuss the work produced over the month and the ongoing strategy for your brand. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to ask any questions or share any ideas you may have. Your ‘Minder’ can also explain to you more in detail the why’s and what’s of the work undertaken for the month.

Priority access to our support team

Be first in line with any questions or queries you have regarding your package, the work we’re producing or even if you’d just like to gather some more knowledge on digital marketing practices.

Monthly detailed Google Analytics report with comment

We will provide you with a detailed look into your Google Analytics for the month. With your Platinum subscription we can also help you set up Google Analytics & Google My Business if you haven’t done so already. Reports will include the number of views on your site and pages, the number of new visitors and returning visitors, the location, their location, age range and the bounce rate of your site.

4 SEO friendly website blogs a month

We will produce 4 SEO friendly and topical website blogs a month specific to your businesses industry/niche. All blogs will be keyword friendly to help you bring in more traffic and clicks to your site.

Keyword research

We will research the top keywords for your business and how you rank for them in comparison to your competitors. So for example if you own a cake shop in Glasgow, one of your keywords would be something like ‘buy cakes Glasgow’.

Email campaigns (6 per month)

We will produce 6 email campaigns for you a month and send them out to your mailing list. We will construct a template for your brand and then alter this accordingly for each email campaign to coincide with branding. Examples of email campaigns could be advertising a new product, a sale or a newsletter to let your mailing list or customers know what’s been happening with the brand.

If you don’t already have an email marketing platform then your Minder can help assist you in setting this up. My Marketing Minder don’t pay the subscription for your email

Pixel set up to track Facebook adverts

We will set up a Facebook pixel for your website to accurately measure your Facebook advertising and keep track of your ROI (return on investment) for your Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads created and monitored

We will create and monitor your Facebook Ads. This will include lead ads, conversion ads (other ads), setting the metrics for your campaigns, monitoring ROI, results, retargeting, A/B testing engegements, CPC (cost per click), demographics and more.

Please note, we do not pay for your Facebook Ads. Budgets will be discussed with your Minder for each campaign.

We can run up to 15 PPC ads at a time with the Platinum subscription (this can be split between Facebook and Google Ads dependant on what you and your Minder agree on and which is the best platform for your business to advertise on to achieve your goals at the time.

Google Ads created and monitored

We will create and monitor your Google Ads. This will include search campaigns, display campaigns, video campaigns, shopping campaigns, local campaigns & smart campaigns.

Please note, we do not pay for your Google Ads. Budgets will be discussed with your Minder for each campaign.

We can run up to 15 PPC ads at a time with the Platinum subscription (this can be spite between Facebook and Google Ads dependant on what you and your Minder agree on and which is the best platform for your business to advertise on to achieve your goals at the time.

Link building

We will find high quality domains to link back to your site. Links are used by search engines to evaluate the authority and relevance of the content of your website & are one of the most important factors in improving your sites SEO (search engine optimisation). With your Platinum plan we will reach out to sites with high authority domains that are usually relevant to your industry to link back to your content. The authority of a website ranges from 1(lowest) to 100 (highest) and with the Platinum package we usually aim to get your site backlinks from pages in the 60-90+ bracket.

Cart abandonment & retargeting

We will send out emails to potential customers who have added items to their shopping cart on your site or began to purchase an item and for whatever reason have left without completing their purchase. The conversion rate of these emails is usually very high because we are targeting an audience who you already know are interested in buying your product.

Press releases and PR strategy

We will write a professional press release for your company to use and create a PR strategy for you regarding your goals and objectives, your target audience and tactics.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is where we offer affiliate marketers from across the world the opportunity to make a commission (based on what your company agrees upon) by selling your product for you. This is a great way to get your brand more exposure, more customers, increase SEO (free backlinks) and a new income stream whilst only paying for results.

UX (user experience) consultancy

User experience on your site is now more important than ever as Google have announced they will be introducing a new algorithm in May 2021 which will see the user experience of your site become a significant factor in the search ranking of your site. We will analyse and then consult with your web developers on improvements to your loading times, site speed, security functions, ease and mobile functionality amongst others.

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