My Marketing Minder – A social media marketing agency with a difference

Who we are? A social media marketing agency with a difference

Unlike the vast majority of social media marketing agencies today. My Marketing Minder offers our clients expert digital marketing management using an affordable monthly subscription plan rather than your standard retainer.

We want to build long term relationships with our customers so offer a more affordable avenue into digital marketing for businesses who are sick of paying high costs for low results. By offering brands a more affordable monthly package we are able retain our clients for a lot longer than the standard social media marketing agency and therefore can offer our services for less.

We offer a no contract, cancel anytime policy which means if you aren’t happy with your results then you aren’t tied down to any industry standard retainer fees which usually last at least 6 months. You are also sent a detailed report of all the tasks we’ve completed each month and why in an easy to follow form which takes away the typical marketing jargon often used to pull the wool over many clients eyes.

Sounds good so far? Well it’s about to get a whole lot better….

Social media marketing agency prices in comparison to ours…

social media marketing agency with a difference

Not only do we refuse to tie our customers down to long-term contracts, add on fees and cancellation charges but we are also one of, if not the most affordable and effective digital and social media marketing agencies out there today. There has been extensive research carried out on what we offer in comparison to our competitors and we come up trumps in both services offered and cost. Don’t believe us take a look at The My Marketing Minder price comparison page.

That’s because most agencies have a high turnover of clientel. Usually due to either expense or lack of delivery on what they had promised. However, My Marketing Minder makes its money on our incredible retention rate with our clients (90%+). Meaning we can offer a much more affordable source into digital marketing management because less of our teams time is spent making sales calls and advertising ourselves to new potential clients and more time advertising to new potential clients for you.

But for this price, I’m sceptical about my digital marketing being in the right hands?

We get this a lot… “You’re so much cheaper than the rest, you must not be very good”. And whilst understandable in comparison to the prices other agencies are charging, simply not correct. At the time of writing, every single one of the My Marketing Minder team has 10+ years of experience in one or more areas of digital marketing, with the majority of which being officially certified and approved by Google as online advertising and marketing experts. We have specialists for each section of digital marketing such as SEO, content creation, and link building as well as specialists for different business niches such as food and drink, e-commerce, clothing & fashion and mechanical and industrial to name just a few.

My Marketing Minder has helped clients not only to get brands off the ground and turn peoples dreams into a viable income but also to help well established brands excel even higher than they thought possible. Our team have helped our clients win multiple honours including magazine awards, BAFTAS for web content, highly covated food and drink prizes and much more through online exposure they never thought possible before.

We offer completely free basic SEO checks to any company and our team are always very approachable. So feel free to get in touch with us anytime by emailing your query to or by using our contact form.

We offer bespoke packages which one of our team can go through with you and assess what’s best for your companies needs as well as easy to follow monthly plans which you can explore in our plans & pricing page.

With no long term contracts, retainer fees or high service costs, why not give My Marketing Minder a go today & help your business grow with a social media marketing agency that is not only effective but affordable as well.

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